Hortus: Where Good Food Meets Green Vibes

Hortus: Where Good Food Meets Green Vibes

There’s this cool place called Hortus in Gardens By The Bay, and it’s not your usual dining spot. It’s part of a trio of food adventures led by Chef Michael Wilson. You’ve got Marguerite downstairs and a pet-friendly gelato shop called Mylo. Hortus’s is the star of the show, though.

Hortus : Chef Michael’s Magic

Chef Michael Wilson is the genius behind Hortus’s. He used to rock the kitchen at Pollen, bagged a Michelin star in just five months with Phenix in Shanghai, and now, he’s giving us the good stuff at Hortus’s. The place has been around since 2014, but Chef Michael recently took the reins and added his touch to the menu.

Hortus: Where Good Food Meets Green Vibes

Hortus Vibes: Date Night Goals

Picture this: you roll up to Gardens By The Bay, and a chauffeur whisks you away to Hortus. It’s not just a meal; it’s a whole experience. They even throw in free access to the Flower Dome, making it a legit date night. And yeah, you can’t beat that.

Menu Deets: Mains That Won’t Break the Bank

Now, let’s talk food. Mains at Hortus won’t burn a hole in your wallet. You can grab something decent starting from S$22. Feeling fancy? Go all out with a quarter of a roast Iberian suckling pig for S$118. Options, my friend, options.

Hortus Dining in Style: Flower Dome Feels

What makes Hortus’s Insta-worthy? The setting, for sure. Imagine chowing down your meal in the biggest glass greenhouse on the planet. It’s in the Guinness World Record books, people! The Flower Dome is like Mother Nature’s art gallery, and Hortus’s lets you dine right in the middle of it. Plus, they keep it cool at a comfy 20 degrees, so no sweat.

Hortus Crafting Memories: More Than Just Food

Hortus’s isn’t just about eating; it’s about creating memories. Each dish is like a chapter in your culinary adventure. With Gardens By The Bay as the backdrop, it’s a feast for your taste buds and your Instagram feed.

Flavors Galore: Main Courses That Wow

Hortus doesn’t mess around when it comes to flavors. Chef Michael whips up a symphony of tastes. Whether you’re into fancy dishes or just want something comforting, the main courses here are like little pieces of art.

Cool Vibes: No Sweating Allowed

Singapore heat can be brutal, but not at Hortus. They keep it chill at a constant 20 degrees. It’s like an oasis in the middle of a tropical island. So, you can savor your food without turning into a sweaty mess.

Food Wonderland: Hortus Magic

In the heart of Gardens By The Bay, Hortus is like a food wonderland. Chef Michael Wilson’s vision comes alive, making it a perfect spot for foodies and nature lovers alike. Hortus invites you to a sensory journey you won’t forget.

The Verdict: Hortus, Where Every Bite Tells a Story

In a nutshell, Hortus is not just a place to eat; it’s an experience. Chef Michael Wilson brings his A-game, and with the stunning Gardens By The Bay around, every bite at Hortus tells a tasty tale of good food, elegance, and nature’s beauty.